AM22 footprint and coverage map for southern Europe andNorth Africa

AM22 footprint / coverage map for southern Europe andNorth Africa

Ku-band VSAT
iDirect® or SCPC VSAT shared and dedicated services
Two-way Internet satellite broadband
CNO and VNO options available
Orbital Location 53.0°E

Express AM22 is a powerful and reliable satellite with strong coverage over the southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The AM22 uplink is provided by the Onlime teleport in Germany and you will receive a fast connection at your offices over VSAT if you are within the satellite footprint. We provide dedicated and contended bandwidth solutions.

AM22 Steerable beam provides VSAT coverage over a wide range of countries.

Wherever we provide VSAT satellite coverage, we also deliver high quality, crystal clear, reliable and cost effective voice services using the latest VoIP technology optimised to work over satellite and terrestrial networks. Check out our competitive rates here.